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What connects us

Wastemy was born from the meeting of Moussa Dicko and Nicolas Gailledrat in 2020.

The first, Normalien, Doctor Mines ParisTech, passed by Chimie Paris Tech and ENSIACET, has been working for more than 10 years on the recovery of lignocellulosic biomass at the Laboratory of Process and Materials Sciences in Paris.

The second is a Burgundian entrepreneur and shipowner, self-taught and jack of all trades, who has been investing for twenty years in clean energy R&D projects.

Both come together around common values and a shared vision of how to innovate on the issue of recycling: recovering waste in short circuits, in order to meet the needs of local ecosystems from their own resources.

Our values



As researchers and entrepreneurs, we take to heart our responsibility towards future generations, in terms of the expression of our technical knowledge. We use our experiences and skills for the benefit of sustainable solutions to the ecological crisis and that of the present time in general.



Our multidisciplinary research fields allow us a tenfold capacity for innovation. Chemical and energy engineering, thermodynamics, artificial intelligence… so many associated fields to make our systems more autonomous, intelligent and efficient.



We are aware of the imperative need to preserve our resources and our ecosystems both locally and globally. We include our actions in the definition of models that are more resilient, inspired and protective of living things.



Resolutely actors of change, we advocate for a bifurcation in our ways of producing and consuming: acting locally at the place of production of our waste, and transforming it with regard to the needs of the ecosystems in direct connection.

Our team

Nicolas Gailledrat - co-fondateur de Wastemy
Nicolas Gailledrat
as an entrepreneur, Nicolas has experiences in creating and administrating companies and human resources. Project manager, he built and administrated the passenger boat “Le Calife” in 1985. The ship is still exploited in Paris as a dinner-cruise boat. He led the construction of a prototype of unsinkable sailboat 5M * 12M usable on all bodies of water and containerizable, the Little Big Boat. Research, development and funding of a WTL (Waste-to-Liquid) project Its purpose was to transform waste into clean fuel and reusable materials.
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CSO - Dr. Ing. Moussa Dicko
PhD Ing. Moussa Dicko
has a solid background in physics, chemical engineering and energy from a theoretical and practical point of view. Normalien (ENS Paris Saclay), Doctor Mines ParisTech, DEA at Chimie Paris and engineer from ENSIACET in Toulouse. 10 years of work on the valorization of lignocellulosic biomass (pyrolysis and extraction). Assembly of a laboratory scale pyrolyzer. Entrepreneurship training HEC Challenge + in 2019. Project leader and scientific manager.
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Hongyu Guan - membre de Wastemy
Dr. Hongyu Guan
a obtenu son diplôme d’ingénieur de l’ENSEIRB en Systèmes Embarqués en 2007 (France) et a obtenu son doctorat en informatique de l’Université de Bordeaux I en 2012, Bordeaux, (France). Il est aujourd’hui ingénieur de recherche du laboratoire LISV de l’Université de Versailles. Surtout, il est chef de projet de FUI et responsable technique de chaire industrielle du laboratoire. Les intérêts de ses recherches sont les capteurs intelligents, les systèmes embarqués surtout pour IoT (Internet of Things), la communication par la lumière et la fusion de données avec de l’intelligence artificielle.
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Alexandre Champion
Élève ingénieur
Alexandre Champion
élève ingénieur alternant en 3e année à Chimie ParisTech, après un stage au sein d’une start-up technologique et spécialisation en génie des procédés, vient assister l’équipe en apportant ses connaissances théoriques et techniques en simulation de procédés et en chimie générale. Son objectif sera d’aider à concevoir le procédé de raffinage des huiles et gaz de pyrolyse.
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