Innovative solutions for a local and carbon-free recovery of plastic

Supplier of integrated systems for the local and carbon-free recovery of plastic, Wastemy equips you with the means to transform your waste into a short circuit.


Our ambition

What drives us

At Wastemy, we believe that science and technology, shared at the right scale, can help us meet the challenges of truly sustainable development together.

We are united and complementary to the many players who are already working to solve the problems caused by the production and consumption of plastics.

Help change the plastic figures in the world!

9.2 billion

Tons of plastics were produced between 1950 & 2017, of which only 600 million tonnes were recycled.

Source: Atlas du Plastique, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation

53.5 billion

Global plastic production could

generate 53.5 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2050, which alone consumes 10 and 13% of our remaining carbon budget.

Source: Atlas du Plastique, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation

206 kilos

Every second, 206 kilos of plastic waste is dumped into the oceans and ends up in micro-particles ingested by marine life.

Source: Surfrider Foundation Europe

Our solutions

An economic model inspired by nature

The heart of the Wastemy model lies in its local approach, we offer solutions to take advantage of your waste on the site of its production.

Un modèle économique inspiré par la Nature - image d'illustration Wastemy

Plastic recycling for a local and circular economy

Diagram of circular model of plastic recovery

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Who are we ?

Our team

A group of multidisciplinary researchers and associated entrepreneurs for innovative and virtuous solutions for the local economy and the environment.

Nicolas Gailledrat - co-fondateur de Wastemy
Nicolas Gailledrat
CSO - Dr. Ing. Moussa Dicko
PhD Ing. Moussa Dicko
Hongyu Guan - membre de Wastemy
Dr. Hongyu Guan
Alexandre Champion
Élève ingénieur
Alexandre Champion


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